Get In On The Fun

Becoming a Proud Supporter of Employee Wellbeing Month is easy
and there’s no cost involved.
  • Lend Your Support: Lend your company name and logo to support the month. It’ll appear on the site and in related campaign activities.
  • Promote Employee Wellbeing: Plan at least one healthy activity at your workplace this June.
  • Get a Free Toolkit: Health and wellness resources help make the most of your involvement.
What People Are Saying:


  • "When my family, friends and co-workers ask, how did you do it? I say to them, get rid of the idea of this being on a diet.  It's a life change.

    - Daniel Enriquez
  • “I feel stronger than I have in years and people have noticed. I think my increased fitness and health is even lighting the fire in my family and friends.”

    - Tracy Lemieux-Bartz
  • "I have made many positive changes at home as well. We make healthier choices. We eat a lot of vegetables and use coconut oil to cook with now.”

    - Cristie Rhoades
  • "Not only have I influenced my family, but now my co-workers are taking the pledge to get into a healthier lifestyle.”

    - Ronnie Guest