Proud Supporters

Thanks to the more than 250 organizations that pledged their support for Employee Wellbeing Month 2016. Want to get involved in 2017? Stay tuned for details.
What People Are Saying:


  • "When my family, friends and co-workers ask, how did you do it? I say to them, get rid of the idea of this being on a diet.  It's a life change.

    - Daniel Enriquez
  • “I feel stronger than I have in years and people have noticed. I think my increased fitness and health is even lighting the fire in my family and friends.”

    - Tracy Lemieux-Bartz
  • "I have made many positive changes at home as well. We make healthier choices. We eat a lot of vegetables and use coconut oil to cook with now.”

    - Cristie Rhoades
  • "Not only have I influenced my family, but now my co-workers are taking the pledge to get into a healthier lifestyle.”

    - Ronnie Guest